88′ Princess

88′ Princess

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    The Y88 is an extension of yourself, and Princess understands that concept, and it comes through with this model. It’s perfect for someone looking for luxury, beauty, and performance without sacrificing durability and reliability.

    The Princess Y 88 model is robust and elegant with its unique deep-V hull crafted with the latest in resin infused technology that enhances handling and performance. This design also allows for excellent fuel efficiency and agility.

    She is exquisitely handcrafted using the finest materials to create a durable vessel but also fuel efficient and powerful with a speed range of up to 30 knots. The twin MTU 12 V M96L diesel engine allows the vessel to cruise along at safely and comfortably.

    At 88 feet, this is the longest model offered in the Y series, but the extra space does not take away from the performance. You can expect the Y 88 to provide the same power, performance and safe cruising found with any Princess yacht.